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The Power of Paint: what you can do to keep it stunning

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

It is truly amazing how simple making a home stunning can be with just paint. Many clients are reluctant to invest in painting their home. However, after 18 years in this business, we can tell you that it's almost the only investment that is proven to give you a 100% return, and more often 3-5 times the return. If a home needs a more current or trending color, we have a list of the top resale colors that do very well that is shared after taking a listing. But here is a color that is one of our favorites, and it's Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams. It's very versatile! And often times you aren't sure if it's tan or gray.

There are other endless ways to make your home stunning for the market that don't cost much money. When choosing Bratton Realty, you will hear about all of them if interested. These are never must do suggestions as we leave those decisions up to you, especially when in low inventory markets. So never feel like we won't list your home if you opts out of any of our ideas. They are always just suggestions for top dollor. While the list is extensive, one suggestion we had with a $200,000 seller who was ready to upgrade after just getting married, as to prime and paint his dated hall bathroom floor. We gave him instructions on how to do it. He said he was shocked at the result and thought for sure we were nuts and that he would be having to rip the floor up. We sold the home in a week and I'm sure the floor is still holding up considering the products used. Sometimes, you just need to give a buyer a trendy look and it doesn't always have to cost a lot of money. Of course, for higher dollor properties we have different suggestions, if and when necessary.

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